River Exposure (Photo credit to @LuNature) [2560 x 1440]
11:45 pm August 19, 2019
this one with pluto :) [2880×1800]
11:23 pm August 19, 2019
10:55 pm August 19, 2019
:) [2880×1800]
10:17 pm August 19, 2019
10:09 pm August 19, 2019
10:09 pm August 19, 2019
Rock Lobster Hopper
9:21 pm August 19, 2019
6:05 pm August 19, 2019
Shobster Lark.
5:38 pm August 19, 2019
Weekly Battle 176: Lobsters
3:22 pm August 19, 2019

This week's battle animal is the lobster. It was chosen by /u/DCLanger who won last week's battle of the scanning electron microscope images with the dog flealion.

Megathread of all previous winners.

Battle Rules/Guidelines

  1. You must use the chosen animal/theme somehow and combine it however you want after that.

  2. Submissions are regular submitted links to the subreddit. Add the "Battle Entry" flair after posting.

  3. Only new OC content will be accepted.

  4. You can enter as many images as you want.

  5. The winner is the post with the most upvotes (as determined by reddit's top of the week) by Sunday at 9am EST.

  6. The winner will get a special crown flair for the week, get to choose the animal for the next battle, and their winning image will be featured in the sidebar.

We'll also give gold to the winner this week if their post gets over 1500 upvotes. Please use this thread for any questions/suggestions you may have for the battles or the sub in general.~~

submitted by /u/HybridAnimalBattles
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Beetloceros? Rhintle?
3:03 pm August 19, 2019
1:22 pm August 19, 2019
Windows 10 merge. [3840×2160]
1:11 pm August 19, 2019
Morning Charts 08:19/2019 SPX
12:43 pm August 19, 2019

Meh. What a shit show we got. If Trump does not get on with putting people away then, we lose and societal breakdown commences.

On to the lie –

Again, middle of a very large consolidation zone with ATHs at the top and the abyss at the bottom. Safe for now. Guess what has markets excited today – not that someone somewhere is ‘easing’  no way!  Rinse Repeat till there is no more.  Liquidity bitches. Fucking crock of shit these markets are. Distraction from reality they don’t want you to see.  Fucking LA is gonna be plague ridden in a few years – but the markets are just fine, move along.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Two puffballs just found in the field next door.I will have them for tea later on simply lovely!
11:57 am August 19, 2019
Happy World Photography Day.. [3840 x 2160]
8:24 am August 19, 2019
[ASAP] Defensive Function of Transposable Elements in Bacteria
4:00 am August 19, 2019
TOC Graphic
ACS Synthetic Biology
DOI: 10.1021/acssynbio.9b00218
Quantitative modeling of transcription and translation of an all-E. coli cell-free system
12:00 am August 19, 2019
Stranger Things [3840×2160]
11:33 pm August 18, 2019
Our sumac was nearing the end of it’s season, so I went on a harvesting rampage. 5 gallons of sumac wine are on the way!
10:53 pm August 18, 2019
несанкционированный доступ к базе данных. (Заново за 30 секунд ...) OAUTH_E354