4:48 am February 7, 2023
Afternoon Drive by Simon Stalenhag [2560×1440]
3:08 am February 7, 2023
1:18 am February 7, 2023
[1920×1080] Nature Makes Me Pleasure
11:39 pm February 6, 2023
Runway of the Moon [3840×2160]
8:32 pm February 6, 2023
meckey ii [1920×1080]
5:10 pm February 6, 2023
Weekly Battle 356: Free For All
2:47 pm February 6, 2023

This week's battle is a free for all. Choose any animal to use. It was chosen by /u/rastroboy who won last week's battle of the vehicles with the horsborghini.

Megathreads Part 1 and Part 2 of all previous winners.

Battle Rules/Guidelines

  1. You must use the chosen animal/theme somehow and combine it however you want after that.

  2. Submissions are regular submitted links to the subreddit. Add the "Battle Entry" flair after posting. Please do not submit posts using the weekly animal if not entering the battle.

  3. Only new OC content will be accepted. No AI generated images allowed.

  4. You can enter as many images as you want.

  5. The winner is the post with the most upvotes (as determined by reddit's top of the week) by Sunday at 9am EST.

  6. The winner will get a special crown flair for the week, get to choose the animal for the next battle, and their winning image will be featured in the sidebar.

Please use this thread for any questions/suggestions you may have for the battles or the sub in general.

submitted by /u/HybridAnimalBattles
[link] [comments]

Morning Post 02/06/2023 SPX
1:18 pm February 6, 2023

Good vs evil, severely evident everywhere. Good not quite getting bulldozed but getting bulldozed. 

On to the lie – 
Minis rally 10 to be off 24. SPX 4025 is the weekly number to pay attention to. Key support. SPX could move to 3800 or 3700 very quickly if this support fails. I’m kinda leaning here despite QE. My 3200 favorite target number hasn’t hit yet. 4210 remains resistance. Fairly wide lane there to play in if they want. QE active till August, so they’re in control again. 
More to come below. 
Have a good day. 
GL and GB! 
Banff National Park (3840×2160)
3:22 am February 6, 2023
Space Jump. (1920×1080)
2:35 am February 6, 2023
The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out [3840×2160]
2:21 am February 6, 2023
Paradise Found [3840×2160]
2:12 am February 6, 2023
Programmable synthetic biomolecular condensates for cellular control
12:00 am February 6, 2023
You’re in then you’re out
12:00 am February 6, 2023
Nature Is Beauty More Than Else [1920×1080]
9:35 pm February 5, 2023
1948 Ringbrothers Chevrolet Enyo [3840×2160]
7:55 pm February 5, 2023
Calm waters, white night and bridge HQ [3840×2160]
5:16 pm February 5, 2023
Harley Mandrillson
3:43 pm February 5, 2023
[1920×1200] Dragon Ball Z Goku Wallpaper
2:32 pm February 5, 2023
1:08 pm February 5, 2023
несанкционированный доступ к базе данных. (Заново за 30 секунд ...) OAUTH_E354