There are 2 types of day traders: institutional and retail. Both institutional and retail day traders are described as speculators, as opposed to investors.
Institutional day traders work for financial institutions and have certain advantages over retail traders due to their access to more resources, tools, equipment, large amounts of capital and leverage, large availability of fresh fund inflows to trade continuously on the markets


In the past, most day traders were institutional traders due to the advantages they had over retail traders. However, since the technology boom in the second half of the 1990s, advances in personal computing and communications technology, realized in the accessibility of powerful personal computers and the Internet, have brought fast online trading and powerful market analytical tools to the mainstream. Low, affordable commissions from discount brokers as well as regulation improvements in favor of retail traders have also helped level the trading playing field, making success as a retail trader a possibility for many and a reality for some.


There are 2 types of day traders: institutional and retail. Both institutional and retail day traders are described as speculators, as opposed to investors.
Institutional day traders work for financial institutions and have certain advantages over retail traders due to their access to more resources, tools, equipment, large amounts of capital and leverage, large availability of fresh fund inflows to trade continuously on the markets, dedicated and direct lines to data centers and exchanges, expensive and high-end trading and analytical software, support teams to help and more. These advantages give them certain edges over retail day traders.[1]
Retail day traders work for themselves, or in partnership with a few other traders. Retail traders generally trade with their own capital, though they may also trade with other people’s money. Laws may restrict the amount of other people’s money a retail trader can manage. In the United States, day traders may not advertise as advisors or financial managers. Although not required, nearly all retail day traders use direct access brokers as they offer the fastest order entry to the exchanges, as well as superior software trading platforms.

Auto traders auto-trade, which stands for automated trading and the use of computer programs and other tools to enter trading orders. Because this all happens with the help of the computer algorithm it is also called algorithmic trading.[2]


3:44 pm December 17, 2014

NMR structure of ETR 3 RRM-3 in native state

3:44 pm December 17, 2014

RRM3 intermediate state

Mouse cells engineered to respond to radio signal
9:43 am December 17, 2014

Not at all applicable to basement bio-hacking, but some of you may find this interesting: researchers in the US genetically engineered a mouse to release insulin when its liver cells were hit by a radio signal. No mechanical apparatus at all, just good old squishy cells. Pretty neat.

Vapor delivery device
9:37 am December 17, 2014

I quit smoking a while ago, but needed the ritual to stay off them.  I know, I know, shouldn’t need it but it does get me thinking.

Propylene glycol and glycerol are vaporized and used as a delivery system for nicotine, cannibinols and, at times, caffeine.  So, what other and more useful meds can be delivered this way?  It would need to be stable at vaporization temp, soluble/miscible in water, ethanol, propylene glycol, or glycerol.  I’m not saying we should be testing, just a nice brainstorm.
8:53 am December 17, 2014








This week’s new structures (Tuesday Dec 16, 2014 at 4 PM PST)
12:00 am December 17, 2014

As of Tuesday Dec 16, 2014 at 4 PM PST there are 105097 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2MIK, 2MIL, 2MMU, 2MNA, 2MPU, 2MTY, 2MU6, 2MUK, 2MWN, 2RUC, 2RUD, 3WLX, 3WO2, 3WO3, 3WO4, 3WVF, 3WY7, 4CGQ, 4CHL, 4CHS, 4CPD, 4CPQ, 4CPR, 4CPS, 4CPT, 4CPU, 4CPW, 4CPX, 4CW4, 4CW5, 4CYD, 4CZ8, 4CZ9, 4CZA, 4D0U, 4D0V, 4D1F, 4D1G, 4D6N, 4D6O, 4M0I, 4MQ0, 4N57, 4ND1, 4ND2, 4ND3, 4ND4, 4ND5, 4NZD, 4O0I, 4O0S, 4O0U, 4O0W, 4O99, 4O9C, 4OOS, 4OOT, 4OOV, 4OOW, 4OOX, 4OP7, 4OPO, 4OPS, 4OUU, 4OW4, 4OY3, 4P3C, 4P3D, 4P3K, 4P80, 4P81, 4P82, 4P83, 4P84, 4P86, 4PF5, 4PFF, 4PFN, 4PL9, 4PXK, 4Q79, 4Q93, 4QBT, 4QJN, 4QJU, 4QL1, 4QMK, 4QOK, 4QUW, 4QVH, 4QXU, 4QYE, 4QYF, 4QYG, 4QYH, 4R0P, 4R0U, 4R0W, 4R1D, 4R4Y, 4R5F, 4R7F, 4R8E, 4RC5, 4RC6, 4RC7, 4RC8, 4RIQ, 4RLK, 4RLL, 4ROP, 4ROQ, 4ROR, 4ROS, 4RQK, 4RQP, 4RQT, 4RQU, 4RQV, 4RR3, 4RRV, 4RS5, 4RU1, 4RUE, 4RUF, 4RV4, 4RWH, 4RWR, 4RWU, 4RWW, 4RWX, 4TPM, 4TPP, 4TR5, 4TSX, 4TVE, 4TVU, 4TW5, 4U83, 4UBT, 4UBU, 4UBV, 4UBW, 4UMI, 4UN8, 4UNA, 4UNB, 4UNC, 4UOW, 4UR5, 4UR7, 4UR8, 4UT0, 4UZW, 4UZX, 4V29, 4V2Y, 4V2Z, 4V30, 4V31, 4V32, 4V3D, 4V3E, 4V3I, 4W1Y, 4W4H, 4W6W, 4W6X, 4W6Y, 4WAL, 4WAN, 4WEB, 4WHT, 4WHY, 4WKG, 4WKM, 4WL9, 4WLA, 4WUT, 4WWN, 4WWO, 4WWP, 4WYM, 4WYQ, 4WZE, 4WZK, 4WZL, 4WZT, 4WZZ, 4X05, 4X06, 4X07, 4X0C, 4X26]

Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction
12:00 am December 17, 2014

Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction<br>Scientists from the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia have discovered how certain gut bacteria can protect themselves and others in the gut from antibiotics.

Generation of scFv specific to human VEGFR-3 from the neutralizing mAb BDD073
3:18 pm December 16, 2014

In our previous study, we have produced a neutralizing mAb of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 3 (VEGFR-3), specifically BDD073, which could inhibit angiogenesis in the CAM model. However, the clinical application of BDD073 is restricted due to its mouse origin, which might cause human anti-mouse antibody reactions. Herein, we generated functional recombinant single-chain variable fragments (scFv) from mAb BDD073 producing mouse hybridoma cells. The scFv gene containing variable regions of heavy and light chains of BDD073 was cloned into an expression vector with trx tag and expressed in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3). The recombinant scFv was purified and refolded with Ni-NTA agarose metal affinity column. The bacterially expressed scFv showed moderate potency and specificity to the human VEGFR-3. It may serve as a potential candidate of anti-VEGFR3 treatment for biotechnological and therapeutic applications.

Design and characterization of a novel human Granzyme B inhibitor
3:18 pm December 16, 2014

The intracellular roles of Granzyme B (GrB) in immune-mediated cell killing have been extensively studied. Recent data also implicate GrB in extracellular pathways of inflammation, cytokine activation and autoimmunity. Targeting (GrB) provides a new pharmaceutical agent for various inflammatory disorders. Serpina3n is a mouse extracellular inhibitor of GrB. There is no apparent equivalent in humans. In this study, we used a novel applied genetics approach to engineer a new extracellular GrB serpin. A chimeric protein was generated in which the reactive center loop (RCL) of human extracellular antichymotrypsin (ACT) was replaced with that of serpina3n. This serpin contained 27 amino acid residues from the serpina3n RCL and the remaining 395 residues from human ACT. The insertion converted human ACT into a GrB-inhibitory serpin. Several critical residues were identified by scanning mutagenesis on the chimera and serpina3n. Targeted mutagenesis was conducted on wild-type human ACT by specifically substituting those critical residues, creating a novel inhibitor that contains 99.3% human ACT sequence with only three point mutations. Wild-type human ACT had a kass for GrB of 2.26 x 104 M–1 s–1, whereas the novel inhibitor binds GrB with a kass of 7.65 x 105 M–1 s–1. This new drug candidate can be developed in animal models and further tested in clinical trials to help us understand the role of GrB in numerous disorders.

Engineering the respiratory membrane-bound hydrogenase of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus and characterization of the catalytically active cytoplasmic subcomplex
3:18 pm December 16, 2014

The archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus grows optimally at 100°C by converting carbohydrates to acetate, carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas (H2), obtaining energy from a respiratory membrane-bound hydrogenase (MBH). This conserves energy by coupling H2 production to oxidation of reduced ferredoxin with generation of a sodium ion gradient. MBH is classified as a Group 4 hydrogenase and is encoded by a 14-gene operon that contains hydrogenase and Na+/H+ antiporter modules. Herein a His-tagged 4-subunit cytoplasmic subcomplex of MBH (C-MBH) was engineered and expressed in P. furiosus by differential transcription of the MBH operon. It was purified under anaerobic conditions by affinity chromatography without detergent. Purified C-MBH had a Fe : Ni ratio of 14 : 1, similar to the predicted value of 13 : 1. The O2 sensitivities of C-MBH and the 14-subunit membrane-bound version were similar (half-lives of ~15 h in air), but C-MBH was more thermolabile (half-lives at 90°C of 8 and 25 h, respectively). C-MBH evolved H2 with the physiological electron donor, reduced ferredoxin, optimally at 60°C. This is the first report of the engineering and characterization of a soluble catalytically active subcomplex of a membrane-bound respiratory hydrogenase.

Synthetic Biology Bottlenose
3:08 am December 15, 2014

I had my magnet implanted yesterday, can’t wait for it to work! I’m planning on building the Bottlenose. Maybe this is a question better suited for DIYbio, but would it be possible to make the whole thing using, say, GenoCAD, and maybe 3D print off the cells? Maybe print off some cells you could graft to your finger, that could function the same as the Bottlenose? Is it feasible?

New theory suggests alternate path led to rise of the eukaryotic cell
12:00 am December 15, 2014

New theory suggests alternate path led to rise of the eukaryotic cell<br>A bold new idea of how the eukaryotic cell and, by extension, all complex life came to be is giving scientists an opportunity to re-examine some of biology’s key dogma.

Which bioproof is best for you?
3:47 pm December 12, 2014

There’s a lot of discussion on here about the various kinds of bioproofing, but it tends to be focussed on whatever implant is being discussed at the time.

Which made me wonder – does a table exist listing the various bioproofing materials, which applications they’re suitable for, strengths, weaknesses, lifespan, known issues, etc? Seems like it’d really help anyone pondering a new type of implant pick the best one for them.

What do you think?

Scientists find key to vitamin A metabolism
12:00 am December 11, 2014

Scientists find key to vitamin A metabolism<br>Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have uncovered the mechanism that enables the enzyme Lecithin: retinol acyltransferase (LRAT) to store vitamin A – a process that is indispensable for vision.

8:46 pm December 10, 2014

Crystal structure of the Thermus thermophilus 70S ribosome in the pre-attack state of peptide bond formation containing acylated tRNA-substrates in the A and P sites.

8:46 pm December 10, 2014

Crystal Structure of Frameshift Suppressor tRNA SufA6 bound to Codon CCC-G on the Ribosome

This week’s new structures (Tuesday Dec 09, 2014 at 4 PM PST)
6:43 pm December 10, 2014

As of Tuesday Dec 09, 2014 at 4 PM PST there are 105839 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[1VVJ, 1VY4, 1VY5, 1VY6, 1VY7, 2MBZ, 2MC0, 2MHV, 2MPM, 2MUH, 2MV0, 2MV6, 2MVC, 2MVD, 2MVI, 2MWM, 2MWO, 2MWP, 3J3Q, 3J3Y, 3J6B, 3J6X, 3J6Y, 3J77, 3J78, 3J79, 3J7I, 3J7O, 3J7P, 3J7Q, 3J7R, 3J8A, 3J8E, 3J8H, 3J8X, 3J8Y, 3J91, 3WNB, 3WNC, 3WND, 3WNI, 3WNJ, 3X1B, 4BP7, 4BTS, 4CFG, 4CFI, 4CFM, 4CFU, 4CFV, 4CFX, 4CGB, 4CGC, 4COE, 4CP7, 4CQE, 4CTF, 4CTG, 4CVY, 4CYF, 4CYG, 4CYY, 4CZB, 4CZN, 4CZO, 4CZP, 4CZQ, 4CZR, 4D03, 4D04, 4D0A, 4D1E, 4D3E, 4D7M, 4D7N, 4L19, 4L3W, 4L47, 4L71, 4LEI, 4LEL, 4LFZ, 4LNT, 4LSK, 4LT8, 4LUR, 4MOA, 4N1Z, 4N6I, 4NDS, 4NDT, 4NDU, 4NDV, 4NJE, 4NNP, 4NR3, 4NRG, 4NRI, 4NUR, 4NUT, 4NWF, 4NWG, 4NWR, 4NXH, 4NYL, 4O6O, 4O6P, 4O9Y, 4OFS, 4OGD, 4OHT, 4OMB, 4OML, 4OMN, 4OMO, 4OMP, 4OYT, 4P6F, 4P70, 4P8C, 4P8K, 4P8L, 4P8M, 4P8N, 4P8P, 4P8T, 4P8Y, 4PGO, 4PII, 4PK1, 4PLS, 4PR9, 4Q0M, 4QGE, 4QKK, 4QRR, 4QRS, 4QUM, 4QUN, 4QYK, 4QYP, 4QZT, 4QZU, 4R0B, 4R2W, 4R2X, 4R3N, 4R3W, 4R41, 4R4J, 4R51, 4R54, 4R5H, 4R5M, 4R61, 4RA6, 4RA9, 4RED, 4RER, 4REW, 4RH7, 4RHO, 4RI9, 4RIA, 4RIW, 4RIX, 4RIY, 4RKE, 4RKF, 4RKP, 4RKS, 4RKZ, 4RND, 4ROF, 4ROH, 4ROI, 4ROJ, 4RSM, 4RSR, 4RTF, 4RUR, 4RUU, 4RV1, 4RV5, 4RVR, 4TJV, 4TJX, 4TLR, 4TN8, 4TNO, 4TTP, 4TTQ, 4TTR, 4TVX, 4U04, 4U07, 4U0S, 4U0U, 4U0Z, 4U1U, 4U1V, 4U20, 4U24, 4U25, 4U26, 4U27, 4U2B, 4U2C, 4U2D, 4U2E, 4U2F, 4U2G, 4U2L, 4U2M, 4U2N, 4U2S, 4U2T, 4U3M, 4U3N, 4U3U, 4U4N, 4U4O, 4U4Q, 4U4R, 4U4U, 4U4Y, 4U4Z, 4U50, 4U51, 4U52, 4U53, 4U55, 4U56, 4U6F, 4U90, 4U91, 4UAC, 4UJC, 4UJD, 4UJE, 4UOX, 4UOY, 4UWA, 4UWE, 4UWN, 4UWU, 4UWV, 4V01, 4V04, 4V05, 4V1W, 4V2F, 4V2G, 4V2Q, 4V2R, 4V40, 4V41, 4V42, 4V43, 4V44, 4V45, 4V46, 4V47, 4V48, 4V49, 4V4A, 4V4B, 4V4C, 4V4D, 4V4E, 4V4F, 4V4G, 4V4H, 4V4I, 4V4J, 4V4K, 4V4L, 4V4M, 4V4N, 4V4O, 4V4P, 4V4Q, 4V4R, 4V4S, 4V4T, 4V4U, 4V4V, 4V4W, 4V4X, 4V4Y, 4V4Z, 4V50, 4V51, 4V52, 4V53, 4V54, 4V55, 4V56, 4V57, 4V58, 4V59, 4V5A, 4V5B, 4V5C, 4V5D, 4V5E, 4V5F, 4V5G, 4V5H, 4V5I, 4V5J, 4V5K, 4V5L, 4V5M, 4V5N, 4V5O, 4V5P, 4V5Q, 4V5R, 4V5S, 4V5T, 4V5U, 4V5V, 4V5W, 4V5X, 4V5Y, 4V5Z, 4V60, 4V61, 4V62, 4V63, 4V64, 4V65, 4V66, 4V67, 4V68, 4V69, 4V6A, 4V6B, 4V6C, 4V6D, 4V6E, 4V6F, 4V6G, 4V6H, 4V6I, 4V6K, 4V6L, 4V6M, 4V6N, 4V6O, 4V6P, 4V6Q, 4V6R, 4V6S, 4V6T, 4V6U, 4V6V, 4V6W, 4V6X, 4V6Y, 4V6Z, 4V70, 4V71, 4V72, 4V73, 4V74, 4V75, 4V76, 4V77, 4V78, 4V79, 4V7A, 4V7B, 4V7C, 4V7D, 4V7E, 4V7F, 4V7G, 4V7H, 4V7I, 4V7J, 4V7K, 4V7L, 4V7M, 4V7N, 4V7O, 4V7P, 4V7Q, 4V7R, 4V7S, 4V7T, 4V7U, 4V7V, 4V7W, 4V7X, 4V7Y, 4V7Z, 4V80, 4V81, 4V82, 4V83, 4V84, 4V85, 4V86, 4V87, 4V88, 4V89, 4V8A, 4V8B, 4V8C, 4V8D, 4V8E, 4V8F, 4V8G, 4V8H, 4V8I, 4V8J, 4V8K, 4V8L, 4V8M, 4V8N, 4V8O, 4V8P, 4V8Q, 4V8R, 4V8S, 4V8T, 4V8U, 4V8V, 4V8W, 4V8X, 4V8Y, 4V8Z, 4V90, 4V91, 4V92, 4V93, 4V94, 4V95, 4V96, 4V97, 4V98, 4V99, 4V9A, 4V9B, 4V9C, 4V9D, 4V9E, 4V9F, 4V9G, 4V9H, 4V9I, 4V9J, 4V9K, 4V9L, 4V9M, 4V9N, 4V9O, 4V9P, 4V9Q, 4V9R, 4V9S, 4W29, 4W2E, 4W2F, 4W2G, 4W2H, 4W2I, 4WAB, 4WAI, 4WAU, 4WB9, 4WBN, 4WBQ, 4WBX, 4WF1, 4WH7, 4WH9, 4WJ9, 4WK7, 4WKE, 4WKI, 4WSF, 4WZ8, 4X04, 4X0R, 4X23, 4X3Z]

Yeast are first cells known to cure themselves of prions
12:00 am December 10, 2014

Yeast are first cells known to cure themselves of prions<br>Yeast cells can sometimes reverse the protein misfolding and clumping associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, according to new research from the University of Arizona.

Orphan Hack!
5:22 pm December 9, 2014

A friend to the Grinders, Hank Pellissier, is involved with helping orphans in Uganda and is preparing for a trip there soon. So if anyone has any weird human experiments they need test subjects for…

I’m joking! Shame on you if you got excited. Anyhow, Hank was trying to think of things to take with him and he was asking me about things like parasite detection and microscopes. I showed him this but it is kind of limited in zoominess. 
Here is the challenge:
Create a list of stuff to take that would be cheap (like 3rd world reproducible cheap) that would have the biggest impact on Ugandan orphan health, promote self screening, diy healthcare, etc. This is a country where the leading causes of death are HIV related, diarrhea, malaria, etc. Hank will mention the Grinders at in his article and fundraiser, but more importantly, it could potentially be saving lives. So what items are in this inventory?
Why are transhumanists such dicks?
11:57 am December 9, 2014

Apologies for the clickbait headline, but “politics and
philosophy of transhumanism” was a bit of a snooze-fest.

I’ve been around and interviewed quite a lot of self-identified
transhumanists in the last couple of years, and I’ve noticed many of them
express a fairly stark ideology that is at best libertarian, and at worst
Randian. Very much “I want super bionic limbs and screw the rest of the world”.
They tend to brush aside the ethical, environmental, social and political
ramifications of human augmentation so long as they get to have their toys.
There’s also a common expression that if sections of society are harmed by transhumanist
progress, then it is unfortunate but necessary for the greater good (the greater
good often being bestowed primarily upon those endorsing the transhumanism).

That attitude isn’t prevalent on this forum at all – I think
the site tends to attract more practical body-modders than theoretical transhumanists
– but I wondered if anyone else here had experienced the same attitudes in
their own circles? What do you make of it? 

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