5:37 pm February 10, 2016

Solution structure of oxidized triheme cytochrome PpcA from Geobacter sulfurreducens

5:37 pm February 10, 2016

Solution structure of the dithiolic glutaredoxin 2-C-Grx1 from the pathogen Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Looking for an Implanter Preferably near Denver, any city with a major airport is OK
5:33 pm February 10, 2016

I looked at the Dangerous Things site and it lists one partner near Denver but he hasn’t responded to my message and it’s been over a week, so I’m assuming he doesn’t do stuff like this anymore. 

I’m looking for someone to install one of Alex Smith’s ATA5577 packages in my left hand. 
I’d prefer if they were somewhere in the Denver area, but due to my job I’m able to travel pretty much anywhere in the continental US with a big airport. (I work for a major US airline.)
This week’s new structures (Tuesday Feb 09, 2016 at 4 PM PST)
12:05 am February 10, 2016

As of Tuesday Feb 09, 2016 at 4 PM PST there are 115918 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2MYG, 2MZ9, 3JAU, 3JC5, 3JC6, 3JC7, 4RQI, 4WNX, 4WR9, 4WRC, 4WRE, 4WRF, 4WUW, 4WUX, 4WZC, 4X1T, 4X22, 4X8I, 4XA5, 4XCD, 4XCG, 4XCI, 4XMV, 4XMW, 4XMX, 4XN5, 4XRF, 4XVN, 4XWZ, 4XYW, 4XYX, 4XZB, 4XZW, 4XZX, 4Y00, 4Y0F, 4Y2I, 4Y2K, 4Y2M, 4Y6G, 4YBV, 4YH2, 4YHN, 4YHP, 4YHY, 4YHZ, 4YIN, 4YJY, 4Z16, 4Z5T, 4Z5V, 4Z9V, 4ZID, 4ZQC, 4ZRA, 5A2S, 5A8B, 5AED, 5AEE, 5AEG, 5ANN, 5AX3, 5AZ0, 5AZ1, 5BW6, 5CB0, 5CEI, 5CFI, 5CFJ, 5CUH, 5D0U, 5D2A, 5D4Q, 5D6D, 5D6Y, 5D8I, 5D93, 5D96, 5DG6, 5DGJ, 5DHD, 5DHE, 5DYG, 5DYI, 5E0E, 5E3X, 5E58, 5E5B, 5E7C, 5EA2, 5EAB, 5EAC, 5EAD, 5EAE, 5EAF, 5EAG, 5EAH, 5EBI, 5EG7, 5EG8, 5EG9, 5EKF, 5EKG, 5EMI, 5EOC, 5ETW, 5EXX, 5EYC, 5EYD, 5F5J, 5F5K, 5F81, 5FCG, 5FIX, 5FJI, 5FJJ, 5FK7, 5FK8, 5FKB, 5FKC, 5FLV, 5FMB, 5FMC, 5FMD, 5FPH, 5FQP, 5FQR, 5FQS, 5FQT, 5FQV, 5H8B, 5H8E, 5H8G, 5HA5, 5HFK, 5HFZ, 5HH3, 5HLF, 5HLS, 5HM0, 5HMA, 5HNM, 5HNS, 5HQD, 5HSX, 5HUQ, 5HUR, 5HVN, 5HVV, 5HW2, 5HW3, 5HWF, 5HX9, 5HXA, 5HY6, 5HZX]

11:22 pm February 3, 2016

Solution NMR structure of Contryphan-Vc1

11:22 pm February 3, 2016

Solution NMR Structure of the 27 nucleotide engineered neomycin sensing riboswitch RNA-ribostamycin complex

Sleep Hacks
6:44 pm February 3, 2016

My local transhumanist group is having a month dedicated to sleep hacking. Sleep hacking is one of the easiest places to start biohacking because it is low-risk and low-commitment. I’m gathering hacks that just about anyone can do with minimal effort or expense so a sensory deprivation chamber is not in this scope. Most of the attendees probably won’t want to go through more effort than a stop at the drug store or downloading an app.

There will be a presentation where I will talk about the simplest hacks, and some advanced ones, then get people started on the biohacking path. This group will be targeting people who want to see immediate results with minimal effort, you know, the general populace. Our group’s goal is to help people improve their lives and show that biohacking is not dangerous or scary.

If your hack is anecdotal go ahead and tell me. I won’t present anything as true unless there is evidence but telling the group what other people have done is valuable. For example, Cassox’s VIP experiment [from this thread] will be mentioned.

If you have a brand new idea DEFINITELY tell me because these groups include people who want to be on the cutting edge and we might be able to get a small experiment together. For example, I have thought about painting my eyelids chrome to block out more light than bare eyelids. Maybe this would help people sleep more restfully. Maybe it could help travelers sleep. I don’t know and I doubt it would do any harm.

Some of the other hacks are:
Kava tea
Passion flower tea or supplements
Krill oil
White or pink noise generator
Eliminating blue light from monitors

This week’s new structures (Tuesday Feb 02, 2016 at 4 PM PST)
1:18 am February 3, 2016

As of Tuesday Feb 02, 2016 at 4 PM PST there are 115764 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2N0J, 2N24, 2N2V, 2N2W, 2N2X, 2N8H, 2NAY, 2RVC, 3JCI, 3JCL, 3X3O, 3X3P, 3X3Q, 3X3R, 3X3S, 3X3T, 4S3I, 4UFV, 4UFW, 4UFX, 4WW1, 4WW2, 4WWK, 4XAW, 4XBE, 4XBG, 4XBP, 4XC1, 4XC3, 4XCC, 4XCE, 4XCF, 4XCN, 4XCY, 4XMA, 4XOG, 4XR8, 4XRN, 4XSK, 4XSN, 4XT0, 4XUL, 4XUS, 4XVB, 4XWH, 4XX2, 4XYI, 4XZ4, 4YBR, 4YDF, 4YDG, 4YR9, 4YRA, 4YRB, 4YSI, 4YWI, 4YX4, 4YXG, 4YXI, 4YXO, 4YXU, 4YYT, 4YYZ, 4YZE, 4Z0J, 4Z0M, 4Z0S, 4Z55, 4ZDT, 4ZOH, 4ZRS, 4ZUA, 4ZV1, 4ZV2, 5A2D, 5A5C, 5AAO, 5AYX, 5AYY, 5AYZ, 5B16, 5B25, 5BOQ, 5BPO, 5BQQ, 5BV5, 5C0T, 5C0U, 5C17, 5C1V, 5C2M, 5C2X, 5C4K, 5C4L, 5C5Y, 5C6M, 5CCV, 5CGS, 5CGW, 5CGX, 5CHE, 5CIV, 5COF, 5COG, 5COM, 5COW, 5CPH, 5CQV, 5CTU, 5CTW, 5CTX, 5CTY, 5CUQ, 5CV1, 5CV3, 5CZC, 5CZD, 5CZJ, 5D7G, 5D84, 5D85, 5D86, 5D87, 5D9T, 5D9V, 5D9W, 5D9X, 5DC5, 5DC6, 5DC7, 5DC8, 5DI0, 5DIH, 5DII, 5DL5, 5DL6, 5DL7, 5DL8, 5DPJ, 5DSF, 5DVZ, 5DWZ, 5E0N, 5E2J, 5E5A, 5E8N, 5E8O, 5E8P, 5EEC, 5EG3, 5EGP, 5EGS, 5EO2, 5ET0, 5ET1, 5EXH, 5EYR, 5EZG, 5EZH, 5F04, 5F08, 5F0C, 5F0F, 5F0H, 5F1J, 5F27, 5F70, 5F71, 5F7F, 5F7H, 5F8K, 5F94, 5F95, 5F99, 5F9G, 5F9Q, 5FBN, 5FG6, 5FGK, 5FHQ, 5FHR, 5FI4, 5FM1, 5FTB, 5FTC, 5FTD, 5FTE, 5FTF, 5FTH, 5FTI, 5GAF, 5GAM, 5HBE, 5HBH, 5HBJ, 5HDB, 5HDR, 5HG4, 5HG5, 5HG6, 5HG8, 5HG9, 5HGW, 5HI6, 5HJ5, 5HKO, 5HMB, 5HMC, 5HMT, 5HQH, 5HSF]

Spring cleaning, giving you guys first dibs on the good stuff
4:14 am February 2, 2016

I’m working on some minimalist "spring cleaning" right now, and am paring down my collection of nifty gizmos and biohacker-y stuff that I don’t ever actually use. Wanted to give the folks here first crack at these before they go to craigslist, since this is kind of the ideal crowd and I know some people have been specifically looking for such items. I have no idea if publicly posting prices is frowned upon (or even a blatant ad like this in the first place – we need a bartering subsection or something), but if anybody’s interested IM me or post it up. I like Paypal and Square Cash, but I do have a bitcoin wallet if you insist on using that.

First up, I’ve got two M31 magnetic implants from Amal @ dangerousthings, I got them with the intent of "upgrading" from my Haworth magnets but decided I like mine too much to swap out. They’ve never been removed from their little zippy bags with the papers and chloraprep they came with, but they are NOT sterile.

I’ve also got one of the original Foc.us Gamer tDCS kits, the four-electrode model in black (I think all the current models they sell are only two-electrodes). Has the headset and manual, a whole bunch of sponges, some "normal" electrodes and cables for them, a microUSB charging cable, a saline bottle, a nice carrying case and baggie for all of it. I used it a few times, always with the same set of four sponges, so if that squicks you out I will happily chuck the used ones.

Lastly, I have a Mindwave Mobile EEG kit, it’s really more of a toy than something research-grade but it’s cool. Just the headset, but it fits nicely in the cloth baggie for the tDCS kit which already has a hard case, so if you want both that would work out well for transport.

I’ll work on some pics tomorrow.

I’m alive~
9:21 am January 30, 2016

Hello Everyone,

It is extremely late. But I have been lurking around for the last few weeks, absorbing all of the information i could stick into my eyes, specificially in regards to the M31’s and other counterparts. 
So very nice to meet all of you, but I really should be getting in bed. I work in 6:40. Bleah. 
Very interested to see what else is here, and who else to talk to. But goodnight for now
DIY Magnetic Implant Coating
8:52 am January 30, 2016

Hello. I am going to be implanting a 2x1mm N35 neodymium disk magnet in my left ring finger. For my implant I purchased un-coated magnets as I do not have the money for pre-coated magnets. I am aware that neither of the coatings I am thinking of using are preferable, I just want to know if they would work and which one will work better. I was thinking either:

  1. Hot glue (the hot-melt glue sticks used with a glue gun)
  2. JB Weld (not sure if this is bio-compatible, but if it is, it’d be great because it is very strong.)

I am hoping someone can tell me if JB Weld will work, as that is my preference. It is super durable, non-toxic when cured (don’t know if that translated to bio-compatibility), and very easy to use. I have read that hot glue has been used in the past, but when I attempted to coat a magnet in it, I was unable to get a thin but complete coating. Another question I have is how deep in the finger do I need to place the magnet? Any help on these questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Vip results
8:04 am January 30, 2016

We did the administration tonight.  Everyone is alive.  Results?  Awesome.  Immediate tripling of results on visual memory test on one subject.  Global increase on all results except digit span and reaction time  Weird rem patterns on eeg.  Will update with full info soon. 

Career in biohacking
5:42 am January 29, 2016

Okay so it is time for me to goto college and I am looking at making a full blown career in biohacking, I know that there are a few here who run sites centered around selling mods and hardware. Nothing against anyone but I look at these site and they all sell about the same thing for about the same price. Is there more that could be done with a college degree, while not pissing off medical boreds/courts? Also I believe @chrionex, @birdmachine and @alexsmith all my have shops do y’all have any sort of regulations you have to comply with? I have no clue what I am going todo for a career in biohacking I just know I want to do it.

Here are the two best resources I have found thus far:

John Doe

Flexible Biocoating?
2:20 pm January 28, 2016


So I have this implant which is still in the design phase. I’m pushing towards the goal of usable internal electronics which are as invisible as possible. To that effect, the plans right now give an idea of something which WITHOUT any coating is about a 4*3 cm rectangle in area, and about 2-3mm thick, and on top of that, will also be somewhat flexible, being made up of a circuit board laid on polyamide film and a 1s lipo (ever the one for the ambitious projects, me). I have a long way yet, but I think it could be something quite special. 
Anyway, my next question is probably obvious. I wish to maintain the ultra-low profile of this design, and also have it go from a circuit board to something that could be shoved into a forearm without the body getting angry with me. In addition, I would really like to see it retain some of its ability to flex. It would also obviously need to be durable enough to safely withstand being inside an active person’s forearm. Budget is also a constraint, lending further to my problem of conflicting parameters.
As an aside, I’d also be eager to hear any inputs anyone has on any safety issues regarding to putting something with such surface area inside for long periods bordering on (ideally) indefinite; This would also extend to any thoughts if either inside the middle of the forearm, or the outside of the wrist would be a more risky procedure than the other.
1:36 am January 27, 2016

NMR Stucture of the mature form of Trypanosoma brucei 1-C-Grx1

1:36 am January 27, 2016


This week’s new structures (Tuesday Jan 26, 2016 at 4 PM PST)
12:01 am January 27, 2016

As of Tuesday Jan 26, 2016 at 4 PM PST there are 115559 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2MWY, 2MXN, 2MYF, 2MYI, 2MZW, 2N06, 2N0U, 2N0W, 2N14, 2N75, 2N76, 2NA6, 2NA7, 3JBC, 3JBD, 3JBE, 3JBF, 3JBG, 3JBU, 3JBV, 3X20, 3X24, 3X25, 3X26, 4QWV, 4R06, 4RQM, 4RQN, 4RZN, 4S2U, 4S2Z, 4S30, 4S31, 4S32, 4S33, 4S34, 4S35, 4S36, 4S37, 4U6P, 4U7C, 4UFD, 4UFE, 4UFF, 4UFG, 4UHV, 4WRN, 4WV8, 4X9X, 4XHB, 4XHS, 4XHY, 4XJ2, 4XM3, 4XMY, 4XMZ, 4XN0, 4XN3, 4XNF, 4XNN, 4XO3, 4XO4, 4XO8, 4XO9, 4XOA, 4XOB, 4XOC, 4XOD, 4XOE, 4XON, 4XOP, 4XOR, 4XOT, 4XQ9, 4XQC, 4XQE, 4XQF, 4XQG, 4XQH, 4XQI, 4XQY, 4XQZ, 4XR4, 4XR5, 4XR6, 4XRD, 4XRG, 4XRI, 4XRK, 4XS1, 4XS4, 4XS6, 4XS7, 4XS8, 4XS9, 4XSA, 4XSB, 4XSL, 4XSM, 4XTM, 4XTP, 4XTS, 4XUG, 4XUJ, 4XXA, 4XYL, 4XYM, 4XZ3, 4Y0W, 4Y18, 4Y2G, 4Y8V, 4YAJ, 4YAK, 4YB8, 4YBF, 4YBZ, 4YJM, 4YJX, 4YKA, 4YLY, 4Z69, 4Z7O, 4ZAM, 4ZBE, 4ZV5, 5AF1, 5AF3, 5AFG, 5AHT, 5APP, 5APQ, 5APS, 5APT, 5APU, 5APV, 5APW, 5APX, 5APY, 5APZ, 5AQ6, 5AR1, 5AYV, 5AZB, 5AZC, 5B08, 5B09, 5B0A, 5B0B, 5B0C, 5B0D, 5B0E, 5B0F, 5B0G, 5B0Y, 5B0Z, 5BUP, 5BUT, 5C1F, 5C53, 5CDH, 5CGL, 5CKL, 5CKV, 5CMT, 5D5M, 5D7I, 5D7J, 5D7K, 5D7L, 5DEY, 5DFP, 5DH4, 5DH5, 5DKP, 5DKX, 5DKY, 5DKZ, 5DL0, 5DTZ, 5DU0, 5DXH, 5DXT, 5DXU, 5DYO, 5DYR, 5E4V, 5E7K, 5E7N, 5E81, 5E84, 5E9Z, 5EE8, 5EFR, 5EIM, 5EIP, 5EL4, 5EL5, 5EL6, 5EL7, 5EQ2, 5EQ3, 5EQ4, 5ER7, 5ERA, 5EWP, 5EZP, 5F22, 5F9R, 5FC1, 5FC5, 5FC6, 5FC7, 5FCA, 5FCB, 5FDU, 5FDV, 5FIA, 5FKY, 5FNO, 5FOE, 5FP3, 5FP4, 5FP8, 5FP9, 5FPA, 5FPB, 5FR3, 5FSH, 5FT9, 5FTJ, 5FTK, 5FTL, 5FTM, 5FTN, 5GAD, 5GAE, 5GAG, 5GAH, 5GAN, 5GAO, 5GAP, 5H87, 5H88, 5H89, 5HA4, 5HAS, 5HBR, 5HF3, 5HG7, 5HL4, 5HL6, 5HL8, 5HM8, 5HMS, 5HNR, 5HOL]

Questions about various legalities.
4:21 am January 26, 2016

After talking to a few friends about my plans on implanting the M31 magnet, they had the reaction you’d probably expect. “You’re going to operate on yourself!!? Why!? Is it safe? What if…” etc. So, to put them at ease, I’d like to know if there are medical professionals that would be able to do it for me. Preferably without me traveling out of state. I read somewhere that doctors couldn’t do it by law, but I’ve been researching private physicians and the like. Would anyone happen to be able to either direct me to or explain the legalities behind this, and advice would be welcome as well. If none of this is possible/likely, I’m willing and able to DIY.
*Edit; Forgot to mention I’m in the Southern United States, Louisiana to be specific.

Also as a unrelated side note, I’m an undergrad microbio major at the moment, so some of the more technical conversations fly over my head. But I’m confident I’ll be able to contribute as well in the future.

Flow state during sleep and sampling
5:27 pm January 25, 2016

This is a continuation of the discussion stated between meanderpaul, MTS and myself. We kinda were getting the thread off topic, so we are moving the discussion to here. Okay so we were talking about how ideas come to us when we are sleeping or in a peaceful place, I am thinking that this is flow state that we are all entering. The thing that has me stumped is why. Normally you have to be doing something to get into flow state, but here we are not doing anything. It seems like it is being triggered more than entered, again why? My thought is that there is some degree of safety in all the places that our flow state are triggered/entered in, as a result our guard goes down. Then that leads to the question of why does this matter, why is it that we must be feel so safe to get so relaxed. My alternative theory is that we are awake, yet in the mind we are still asleep. The second one I don’t even know if it is possible, does anyone hear know much about psychology and brain function. Also anyone else who has had similar experiences, you feel comfortable I would like to request that you would state any external factors. Such as but not limited to dyslexia, autism, and any other abnormality in how you think. I personally have dyslexia, so I am think there may also be a link there. The only way to prove any of this is to increase the sample size. Thank you in advance for your understanding and input.

John Doe

5:32 am January 24, 2016

So I’ve been told by my sister and my family many times I repressed my entire child hood and to a degree I agree. The problem is I don’t know why and no one can tell me why. I don’t particularly want to talk to a shrink or believe in hypothesis but was more curious if there is a nootropic that has been shown to aid in long term memory retrieval. I have fragments from my childhood but have no actual timeline or real full memories. (26 years old now).

This seems like a stretch to me that some nootropic is out there that could help me "unlock" my forgotten memories.

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