There are 2 types of day traders: institutional and retail. Both institutional and retail day traders are described as speculators, as opposed to investors.
Institutional day traders work for financial institutions and have certain advantages over retail traders due to their access to more resources, tools, equipment, large amounts of capital and leverage, large availability of fresh fund inflows to trade continuously on the markets


In the past, most day traders were institutional traders due to the advantages they had over retail traders. However, since the technology boom in the second half of the 1990s, advances in personal computing and communications technology, realized in the accessibility of powerful personal computers and the Internet, have brought fast online trading and powerful market analytical tools to the mainstream. Low, affordable commissions from discount brokers as well as regulation improvements in favor of retail traders have also helped level the trading playing field, making success as a retail trader a possibility for many and a reality for some.


There are 2 types of day traders: institutional and retail. Both institutional and retail day traders are described as speculators, as opposed to investors.
Institutional day traders work for financial institutions and have certain advantages over retail traders due to their access to more resources, tools, equipment, large amounts of capital and leverage, large availability of fresh fund inflows to trade continuously on the markets, dedicated and direct lines to data centers and exchanges, expensive and high-end trading and analytical software, support teams to help and more. These advantages give them certain edges over retail day traders.[1]
Retail day traders work for themselves, or in partnership with a few other traders. Retail traders generally trade with their own capital, though they may also trade with other people’s money. Laws may restrict the amount of other people’s money a retail trader can manage. In the United States, day traders may not advertise as advisors or financial managers. Although not required, nearly all retail day traders use direct access brokers as they offer the fastest order entry to the exchanges, as well as superior software trading platforms.

Auto traders auto-trade, which stands for automated trading and the use of computer programs and other tools to enter trading orders. Because this all happens with the help of the computer algorithm it is also called algorithmic trading.[2]


1:20 am October 30, 2014

Solution NMR structure of quadruplex d(TGGGTTTGGGTTGGGTTTGGG) in sodium conditions

1:20 am October 30, 2014

Solution structure of the ims domain of the mitochondrial import protein TIM21 from S. cerevisiae

New to being a Grinder
2:39 pm October 29, 2014

Hello, I’m new to the community and was hoping that someone would help me find a professional in Michigan to implant the xNTi NTAG216 2x12mm Tag. plus I want to get get a magnet in each tragus, or at the very least a piercing or gauge in each tragus. i want something like this: . what kind of bioproofing should i use? should i get a different size? i want this to be used with my phone’s music. so sound quality is an issue. I will also purchase this: . If there’s anything better (more reliable) please tell me.

M31 Implanters near Vancouver, BC?
3:07 am October 29, 2014

Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone knew someone familiar with implanting willing to install an M31 in my hand? I’ve been digging through the Dangerousthings partner list and there’s only one guy in the Vancouver area. Can anyone suggest someone reputable that might be nearby? (I.e. not based out of someone’s shed, sanitization procedures are followed, etc).


This week’s new structures (Tuesday Oct 28, 2014 at 5 PM PDT)
12:46 am October 29, 2014

As of Tuesday Oct 28, 2014 at 5 PM PDT there are 104537 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2MF7, 2MFU, 2MFV, 2MG0, 2MH9, 2MHM, 2MJI, 2MKY, 2MLB, 2MN4, 2MN5, 2MOF, 2MOM, 2MPL, 2MPV, 2MT5, 2MTL, 3WKN, 3WUB, 3WUE, 3WUF, 3WUG, 3X0D, 4CA4, 4CA9, 4CAZ, 4CBB, 4CBP, 4CW0, 4CW2, 4CW3, 4CW6, 4D12, 4D13, 4D19, 4JXG, 4KEN, 4KG2, 4KG5, 4KG6, 4N1C, 4N1E, 4N8U, 4NAJ, 4NB7, 4NBS, 4NCX, 4NDB, 4NDC, 4NDD, 4NFE, 4NFF, 4NO7, 4NYT, 4NZZ, 4O08, 4O33, 4O3F, 4O6X, 4OBU, 4OBV, 4OH4, 4OLN, 4OND, 4OOR, 4OUL, 4OUM, 4OUS, 4OV7, 4OXQ, 4OXR, 4P6E, 4P6G, 4P8O, 4PCJ, 4PH4, 4PIG, 4PIH, 4PIJ, 4PO5, 4POK, 4POL, 4POM, 4PR6, 4PRF, 4Q5J, 4Q95, 4QEU, 4QEV, 4QEW, 4QJ2, 4QJ6, 4QJ7, 4QJ8, 4QJ9, 4QJA, 4QO1, 4QQ5, 4QQC, 4QQJ, 4QQT, 4QRC, 4QSH, 4QSK, 4QSL, 4QZS, 4QZV, 4R2Y, 4R5T, 4R5V, 4R5X, 4R6T, 4R6V, 4R76, 4R7M, 4R89, 4R8A, 4R9F, 4R9G, 4RAP, 4RC9, 4RGJ, 4RGL, 4RH6, 4RHA, 4RHR, 4RHS, 4RI0, 4RJY, 4RK0, 4RK1, 4RK6, 4RK7, 4RLG, 4TV5, 4TV6, 4TYL, 4TZ2, 4TZ8, 4UP7, 4UP8, 4UP9, 4UPA, 4UPE, 4UPV, 4UQL, 4UQP, 4URH, 4UUY, 4UW9, 4UY8, 4W4M, 4W7S, 4W7Y, 4W7Z, 4W80, 4WD9, 4WFC, 4WFD, 4WHJ, 4WID, 4WIV, 4WJ5, 4WJC, 4WKY, 4WL1, 4WNB, 4WO3, 4WOR]

New study uses DNA sequences to look back in time at key events in plant evolution
12:00 am October 29, 2014

New study uses DNA sequences to look back in time at key events in plant evolution
A paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. reveals important details about key transitions in the evolution of plant life on our planet.

Synapses always on the starting blocks
12:00 am October 28, 2014

Synapses always on the starting blocks<br>While neurons rapidly propagate information in their interior by electrical signals, they communicate with each other at special contact points, the synapses. Chemical messenger substances, neurotransmitters, are stored in vesicles at the synapses.

Medical implants powered by sound
5:43 pm October 27, 2014

Singularity Hub has a new article up about medical devices that are recharged by ultrasound. 

The chip houses a special piezoelectric material that flexes in response to incoming ultrasound waves creating a small amount of electricity.

As it’s powered, the chip is designed to translate ultrasound to power, process commands for particular actions, and send back confirmation by radio. Such tasks might, in the future, include biosensing or delivering electric shocks to relieve pain or ease the worst symptoms in neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

This looks like a really promising way to approach the power problem. Does anyone know if this type of system could be built in a garage, or will we need to wait a couple of years while the tech catches up? It would be worth playing around with now, even if it isn’t implanted just to learn about limitations etc. 
Assistance with an Interview
4:50 pm October 27, 2014
Hello everyone!
My name is Anuj Jivabhai and I am working with an alternative media, online magazine based in Berlin called SensaNostra. We seek to explore original perspectives and turn them into an monologue style prose with an illustration. 
I have come to you all to ask if anyone with an implant (or has experimented with biohacking/grinding on themselves) would be happy to conduct an interview about their implant, the implications of it on them and a wider exploration into the philosophy of Transhumanism. It is a fascinating topic for me since I am also a Philosophy student, and understanding Transhumanism from those realising this philosophy at a grassroots, practical level would be better to explore than someone who is interested merely with the philosophical basis of Transhumanism. If anyone is interested I’d be happy to arrange an interview via Skype/Email/or in person at one’s own convenience. Anonymity would also not be a problem.
Are you in London? Fancy a pint?
3:10 pm October 27, 2014

Anyone fancy a group meetup for a pint and a chat? Not sure how many biohackers there are in London but it’d be good to grow a little community, show off whatever it is you’re working on at the moment. I’ll bring the wifi-sensing hearing aids, they’re a functional prototype now.

How microbes build a powerful antibiotic
12:00 am October 27, 2014

How microbes build a powerful antibiotic
University of Illinois researchers report in Nature that they have made a breakthrough in understanding how a powerful antibiotic agent is made in nature.

8:11 am October 24, 2014







7:02 am October 24, 2014


北海道大学大学院と理研計算科学研究機構 では、自動車のまわりの空気の流れをシミュレーションする空力シミュレーションの研究をしています。自動車が走行する際に自動車に作用する空気の力を調べることは,燃費や走行安定性・安全性の向上に不可欠で、中でも一番重要な空気抵抗をスーパーコンピュータ「京」を使うことで、風洞実験に匹敵する高い精度でシミュレーションすることが可能となりました。


これまで自動車産業界で行なわれてきた流体シミュレーションでは、自動車のまわりにおよそ数千万から1億要素の微細なセルを作ります。これに対し「京」を用いたシミュレーションではその数およそ数十億から200億。従来に比べて、数十倍以上の高解像度を実現しています。 さらに自動車シミュレーションをする際にはセルを用いた計算モデルの作成時間が大きな課題で,数十億から数百億のセルの作成は事実上不可能でしたが、「京」を使った超大規模解析では,既存の手法に対してセルの作り方と形を工夫することで,数千万から1億要素のセルから自動的に作成することが可能となりました。
こうした新たな解析方法により、これまでシミュレーションの結果が風洞実験に対して5%程度の誤差を持っていたのが、「京」を使う事によって2%ほどの精度で空気抵抗を予測できるようになりました。 こういった高精度な空気抵抗の予測は,更に燃費の良い車を開発するための大きな助けとなります.




6:23 am October 24, 2014







Bristol team creates designer ‘barrel’ proteins
12:00 am October 24, 2014

Bristol team creates designer ‘barrel’ proteins<br>Proteins are long linear molecules that fold up to form well-defined 3D shapes. These 3D molecular architectures are essential for biological functions such as the elasticity of skin, the digestion of food, and the transport of oxygen in blood.

8:56 am October 23, 2014


慶應義塾大学理工学部情報工学科 遠山研究室では、ITを支えるデータベースの技術をシンンプルで効率よく運用できるように3つの視点からアプローチをしています。




そして、遠山研究室では長年の研究で培われたデータベース技術を応用する研究も進めています。それはweb indexと呼ばれる技術で、ブラウザに表示されているワードと任意のwebサイトのデータを結合させることにより、そのwebサイトの情報に簡単にアクセスすることができます。このように遠山研究室では常に独自性の高い研究を目指し今後も研究開発を行います。


Some scientists share better than others
12:00 am October 23, 2014

Some scientists share better than others<br>Some scientists share better than others. While astronomers and geneticists embrace the concept, ecologists still have a way to go.

7:55 am October 22, 2014

NMR solution structure of oxytocin

7:55 am October 22, 2014

Solution NMR structure of the d(GGGTTTTGGGTGGGTTTTGGG) quadruplex in sodium conditions

6:35 am October 22, 2014








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