There are 2 types of day traders: institutional and retail. Both institutional and retail day traders are described as speculators, as opposed to investors.
Institutional day traders work for financial institutions and have certain advantages over retail traders due to their access to more resources, tools, equipment, large amounts of capital and leverage, large availability of fresh fund inflows to trade continuously on the markets


In the past, most day traders were institutional traders due to the advantages they had over retail traders. However, since the technology boom in the second half of the 1990s, advances in personal computing and communications technology, realized in the accessibility of powerful personal computers and the Internet, have brought fast online trading and powerful market analytical tools to the mainstream. Low, affordable commissions from discount brokers as well as regulation improvements in favor of retail traders have also helped level the trading playing field, making success as a retail trader a possibility for many and a reality for some.


There are 2 types of day traders: institutional and retail. Both institutional and retail day traders are described as speculators, as opposed to investors.
Institutional day traders work for financial institutions and have certain advantages over retail traders due to their access to more resources, tools, equipment, large amounts of capital and leverage, large availability of fresh fund inflows to trade continuously on the markets, dedicated and direct lines to data centers and exchanges, expensive and high-end trading and analytical software, support teams to help and more. These advantages give them certain edges over retail day traders.[1]
Retail day traders work for themselves, or in partnership with a few other traders. Retail traders generally trade with their own capital, though they may also trade with other people’s money. Laws may restrict the amount of other people’s money a retail trader can manage. In the United States, day traders may not advertise as advisors or financial managers. Although not required, nearly all retail day traders use direct access brokers as they offer the fastest order entry to the exchanges, as well as superior software trading platforms.

Auto traders auto-trade, which stands for automated trading and the use of computer programs and other tools to enter trading orders. Because this all happens with the help of the computer algorithm it is also called algorithmic trading.[2]


7:55 am October 22, 2014

NMR solution structure of oxytocin

7:55 am October 22, 2014

Solution NMR structure of the d(GGGTTTTGGGTGGGTTTTGGG) quadruplex in sodium conditions

6:35 am October 22, 2014








This week’s new structures (Tuesday Oct 21, 2014 at 5 PM PDT)
12:02 am October 22, 2014

As of Tuesday Oct 21, 2014 at 5 PM PDT there are 104371 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2MFT, 2MGO, 2MMC, 2MPT, 2MRE, 2MTJ, 2MTK, 2RTZ, 2RU0, 2RU2, 3J7Z, 3J8B, 3J8C, 3WOU, 3WSJ, 3WSR, 3WWK, 3WWO, 3WWP, 3WXR, 4C9S, 4C9T, 4CMR, 4CYP, 4D07, 4D1Y, 4K6T, 4K6U, 4K6V, 4K6W, 4M8T, 4MAO, 4MNJ, 4MNK, 4MNL, 4MYP, 4N8C, 4N9U, 4NKV, 4NKW, 4NKX, 4NKY, 4NKZ, 4NLA, 4NWT, 4NWU, 4NXI, 4O13, 4O14, 4O15, 4O16, 4O17, 4O18, 4O19, 4O1A, 4O1B, 4O1C, 4O1D, 4O28, 4O7O, 4O7P, 4OQY, 4OQZ, 4OX0, 4OYS, 4P0I, 4P4S, 4P4T, 4P65, 4PFH, 4PGL, 4PJ0, 4PL7, 4PL8, 4PN8, 4PN9, 4PNA, 4PNB, 4PND, 4POW, 4POX, 4PP0, 4PTK, 4PUS, 4PVC, 4PVD, 4Q7I, 4Q9V, 4QA8, 4QAK, 4QBZ, 4QC0, 4QC2, 4QC6, 4QJ3, 4QJ4, 4QJ5, 4QKY, 4QNW, 4QPM, 4QXE, 4R0R, 4R14, 4R6I, 4R8K, 4R8L, 4RDQ, 4REU, 4REZ, 4RF0, 4RF1, 4RH0, 4RH1, 4RHP, 4RIT, 4RJI, 4RJJ, 4RJK, 4RJV, 4TPK, 4TPT, 4TPY, 4TSH, 4TVW, 4TVY, 4TZA, 4TZG, 4U3Q, 4U4G, 4U6I, 4U6U, 4U96, 4U9C, 4UAK, 4UAL, 4UJF, 4UJG, 4UJH, 4UJI, 4UJJ, 4UJK, 4UJL, 4UJM, 4UJN, 4UJO, 4UJP, 4UJQ, 4UJR, 4UJS, 4UJT, 4UJU, 4UJV, 4UJW, 4UJX, 4UJY, 4UJZ, 4UK0, 4UK1, 4UK2, 4UK3, 4UK4, 4UK5, 4UK6, 4UK7, 4UK8, 4UK9, 4UKA, 4UKB, 4UKC, 4UKE, 4UKF, 4UKG, 4UKH, 4UKI, 4UKJ, 4UKK, 4UKL, 4UKM, 4UKN, 4UKO, 4UKP, 4UKQ, 4UKR, 4UKS, 4UKT, 4UKU, 4UKV, 4UKW, 4UKX, 4UKY, 4UKZ, 4UL0, 4UL1, 4UL2, 4UL3, 4UL4, 4UL5, 4UL6, 4UL7, 4UL8, 4UL9, 4ULA, 4ULB, 4ULC, 4ULD, 4ULE, 4ULF, 4ULG, 4ULH, 4ULI, 4ULJ, 4ULK, 4ULM, 4ULN, 4ULO, 4ULP, 4ULQ, 4ULR, 4ULS, 4ULT, 4UMT, 4UMU, 4UOQ, 4UP6, 4UQW, 4UQX, 4UQY, 4UQZ, 4URK, 4UTT, 4UXV, 4UY3, 4V0F, 4W92, 4WAT, 4WF2, 4WFX, 4WFY, 4WFZ, 4WGV, 4WGW, 4WIE, 4WIH, 4WIU, 4WJI, 4WJM, 4WKJ, 4WKW, 4WO2]

BDB: Databank of PDB files with consistent B-factors
2:56 pm October 21, 2014

Protein structures available from the PDB contain for each atom the coordinates, the occupancy and the B-factor that indicates the mobility of the atom. The values that should represent B-factors can relate to atomic motions in different ways. We present here a databank in which all B-factors have been converted to the one, homogeneous representation that is most useful for protein engineering applications. The Databank of PDB files with consistent B-factors (BDB) is freely available through

Nature versus design: the conformational propensities of D-amino acids and the importance of side chain chirality
2:56 pm October 21, 2014

d-amino acids are useful building blocks for de novo peptide design and they play a role in aging-related diseases associated with gradual protein racemization. For amino acids with achiral side chains, one should be able to presume that the conformational propensities of l- and d-amino acids are a reflection of one another due to the straightforward geometric inversion at the Cα atom. However, this presumption does not account for the directionality of the backbone dipole and the inverted propensities have never been definitively confirmed in this context. Furthermore, there is little known of how alternative side chain chirality affects the backbone conformations of isoleucine and threonine. Using a GGXGG host–guest pentapeptide system, we have completed exhaustive sampling of the conformational propensities of the d-amino acids, including d-allo-isoleucine and d-allo-threonine, using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations. Comparison of these simulations with the same systems hosting the cognate l-amino acids verifies that the intrinsic backbone conformational propensities of the d-amino acids are the inverse of their cognate l-enantiomers. Where amino acids have a chiral center in their side chain (Thr, Ile) the β-configuration affects the backbone sampling, which in turn can confer different biological properties.

The disordered region of Arabidopsis VIP1 binds the Agrobacterium VirE2 protein outside its DNA-binding site
2:56 pm October 21, 2014

Agrobacterium is a pathogen that genetically transforms plants. The bacterial VirE2 protein envelopes the T-DNA of Agrobacterium and protects it from degradation. Within the transfected cells, VirE2 interacts with the plant VIP1 leading to nuclear transport of the T-DNA complex. Active VirE2 is an oligomer with a tendency to aggregate, hampering its studies at the molecular level. In addition, no structural or quantitative information is available regarding VIP1 or its interactions. The lack of information is mainly because both VIP1 and VirE2 are difficult to express and purify. Here, we present the development of efficient protocols that resulted in pure and stable His-tagged VIP1 and VirE2. Circular dichroism spectroscopy and computational predictions indicated that VIP1 is mostly intrinsically disordered. This may explain the variety of protein–protein interactions it participates in. Size exclusion chromatography revealed that VirE2 exists in a two-state equilibrium between a monomer and an oligomeric form. Using the purified proteins, we performed peptide array screening and revealed the binding sites on both proteins. VirE2 binds the disordered regions of VIP1, while the site in VirE2 that binds VIP1 is different from the VirE2 DNA-binding site. Peptides derived from these sites may be used as lead compounds that block Agrobacterium infection of plants.

New insight that ‘mega’ cells control the growth of blood-producing cells
12:00 am October 20, 2014

New insight that ‘mega’ cells control the growth of blood-producing cells<br>While megakaryocytes are best known for producing platelets that heal wounds, these ‘mega’ cells found in bone marrow also play a critical role in regulating stem cells according to new research from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

A Simple Biocompatible Matrix for Cellular Support and Accelerated Healing
5:06 pm October 18, 2014
The other week @Cassox hinted at a little project i was goofing around with regarding wound goo…
It’s done! Here, have a link. PDF with protocol after the jump.

Have fun, test it out, don’t do anything unwise.

How mitochondria began
12:00 am October 17, 2014

How mitochondria began<br>Parasitic bacteria were the first cousins of the mitochondria that power cells in animals and plants – and first acted as energy parasites in those cells before becoming beneficial, according to a new University of Virginia study.

6:13 pm October 15, 2014

NMR solution structure ensemble of 3-4D mutant domain 11 IGF2R

6:13 pm October 15, 2014

NMR solution structure ensemble of 3-4D mutant domain 11 IGF2R in complex with IGF2 (domain 11 structure only)

This week’s new structures (Tuesday Oct 14, 2014 at 5 PM PDT)
12:54 am October 15, 2014

As of Tuesday Oct 14, 2014 at 5 PM PDT there are 104125 Structures.
New Structure ID List:
[2M68, 2M6T, 2M9K, 2MF3, 2MFD, 2MMG, 2MMH, 2MMI, 2MMK, 2MML, 2MTE, 2MTS, 2RUH, 2RUK, 3J7V, 3J7W, 3J7X, 3J7Y, 3WH0, 3WHM, 3WJ4, 3WJ5, 3WQJ, 3WUR, 3WXC, 3WYH, 4C7U, 4C9F, 4CAG, 4CAJ, 4CKG, 4CKH, 4CNJ, 4CNK, 4COQ, 4CT8, 4CTA, 4CZT, 4CZU, 4D1N, 4D1O, 4D1P, 4D28, 4D2J, 4D2T, 4D2V, 4DA2, 4KNR, 4KNX, 4KPX, 4KPZ, 4KQL, 4KTX, 4LTU, 4M8V, 4MEJ, 4MEZ, 4MMO, 4MQ4, 4MXC, 4MXH, 4MY6, 4N5H, 4N74, 4N77, 4NPN, 4NRH, 4NRN, 4NRT, 4NRU, 4NSF, 4NSG, 4NSH, 4NSI, 4NSJ, 4NSW, 4NTS, 4NTT, 4NW7, 4O87, 4O88, 4OFW, 4OGF, 4OGG, 4OH2, 4OXE, 4P7M, 4P7S, 4PDZ, 4PE1, 4PE4, 4PE7, 4PML, 4PNL, 4PNM, 4PNN, 4PNQ, 4PNR, 4PNS, 4PNT, 4Q0D, 4Q0E, 4Q9M, 4Q9O, 4QFX, 4QFY, 4QFZ, 4QG0, 4QG1, 4QG2, 4QG4, 4QJF, 4QPG, 4QPI, 4QPL, 4QX6, 4R17, 4R18, 4R1X, 4R59, 4R5A, 4R5B, 4R6U, 4R8R, 4R8S, 4RAA, 4RAS, 4RB5, 4RB6, 4RB7, 4RB8, 4RB9, 4RBA, 4RBB, 4RBC, 4RBD, 4RBE, 4RBF, 4RBG, 4RBH, 4RBI, 4RBJ, 4RBK, 4RFA, 4RFP, 4RG1, 4RG2, 4RG3, 4RG4, 4RGB, 4RGC, 4RGG, 4RHC, 4RHW, 4TJU, 4TJW, 4TJY, 4TK5, 4TKG, 4TKI, 4TPL, 4TQL, 4TUG, 4TUH, 4TUI, 4TW3, 4TX0, 4U30, 4U32, 4U8V, 4U8Y, 4U95, 4UNE, 4UNG, 4UNH, 4UNI, 4UOC, 4UOM, 4UOV, 4UOZ, 4UQU, 4UR0, 4UR1, 4UR2, 4UR3, 4UTU, 4UTW, 4UUW, 4UUX, 4UY1, 4V06, 4V24, 4W7P, 4W82, 4W8V, 4W8W, 4W8X, 4W8Y, 4W8Z, 4W90, 4W9N, 4WCV, 4WFL, 4WFM, 4WG3, 4WG4, 4WG5, 4WH8, 4WJ0, 4WJW]

Prostate cancer’s penchant for copper may be a fatal flaw
12:00 am October 15, 2014

Prostate cancer’s penchant for copper may be a fatal flaw<br>Prostate cancer tumours scavenge and hoard copper that is an essential element in the body. But such avarice may be a fatal weakness.

M31 rejection :(
12:21 pm October 14, 2014

I am sad to report that last night, one of my M31′s was rejected (I know, I know… there’s always one!). I implanted two of them last Sunday (6th Oct), and after 7 days my middle finger had had enough. The initial swelling went down after 3 days, but returned by day 5 in that finger and got progressively more red and swollen. After lancing and draining a good amount of pus last night, the magnet soon surfaced under the skin and had to be released. My ring finger looks absolutely fine however, and is completely unharmed.

The only things I can think of are that when I implanted the magnet, I might have placed it too deep and pocketed slightly into flesh rather than just beneath the skin. It may have been sat with it’s edge against the skin instead of the flat side, and my finger simply did not like the positioning (this is just an assumption though). OR that something got into the wound during the healing process (as the swelling went down to normal then flared again). Could have been clothing fluff, a bit of dust on something I touched, or even too much right-clicking on my mouse might’ve upset it. Funny thing is, it’s this one that initially healed up the fastest!

Without a microscope I can’t tell for sure, but the coating on the rejected M31 looks undamaged, so the blame – or more appropriately, the poor luck – certainly looks to be on me. I will have to keep it aside and try again in a few weeks, once my finger has sorted itself out. I’m quite sad that it didn’t want to be my friend, but at least I’m no longer asking myself “Will it? Won’t it?”…. Let’s just hope the other one is happy staying where it is!

8:31 am October 14, 2014








Moderate levels of ‘free radicals’ found beneficial to healing wounds
12:00 am October 14, 2014

Moderate levels of ‘free radicals’ found beneficial to healing wounds<br>Long assumed to be destructive to tissues and cells, ‘free radicals’ generated by the cell’s mitochondria—the energy producing structures in the cell—are actually beneficial to healing wounds.

Atomic map reveals clues to how cholesterol is made
12:00 am October 13, 2014

Atomic map reveals clues to how cholesterol is made<br>In spite of its dangerous reputation, cholesterol is in fact an essential component of human cells. Manufactured by the cells themselves, it serves to stiffen the cell’s membrane, helping to shape the cell and protect it.

Is my magnet too deep?
11:58 pm October 11, 2014

So I got an n52 neodymium magnet implanted in the tip of my ring finger on Thursday. It measures 3mm by 2mm. Now, I have another magnet exactly like it and it is capable of lifting lighters, tweezers, key rings… however, the one in my finger isn’t even capable of lifting a small paper clip or safety pin. Is the magnet too deep in my finger? Could there be something wrong with it? The man that did the implant for me told me that the magnet was coated in the medical grade silicon coating that is completely bioproof…. could the coating be too thick or something? I’m nervous that I’m going to be disappointed with this thing when I’ve been so excited for roughly two years.

Im building a supercomputer anyone wanna help?
10:10 am October 10, 2014

hey guys,

I know its a bit off topic for the forum but I am trying to build a super computer and I have a gofundme running to fund the project. 

Once built I will be able to make it available to the community for gene-sequencing or any other mass calculation needs we may come across. 
Any assistance in funding or spreading the word from you all would be greatly appreciated!
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